TEXT OF Expedited Bill 34-21, Personnel and Human Resources – Covid-19 Vaccination Required: Expedited Bill 34-21 would:(1) require the vaccination of County employees against Covid-19;(2) permit medical accommodations to the Covid-19 vaccination requirements;(3) exempt the Covid-19 vaccination requirements from collective bargaining; and(4) generally amend the County personnel and human resources […]

Summary Yesterday, the Maryland State Board of Education voted to circumvent the rights of local jurisdictions and implement an emergency regulation that would authorize them to mandate masks for all Maryland students and staff during the 2021-2022 school year. While the CDC recommended masking in schools for all students and staff this year, Governor Hogan said he […]

We at Informed Choice Maryland are thrilled to endorse Delegate Dan Cox in his run for Maryland governor. No Maryland elected official has done more to protect informed medical choice than Delegate Cox has during his single term representing District 4 in the Maryland state legislature. Last year on Monday, […]

TEXT OF HB983 – Nursing Homes – Covid-19 and Other Catastrophic Health Emergencies – Visitation (The Floria Daytz Lewis Act) Requiring the Maryland Department of Health to develop certain guidelines relating to the restrictions on personal and compassionate care visitation that a nursing home may impose to reduce the spread […]

TEXT OF HB1150 – Health – Authority of the Secretary of Health and Medical Information: Altering a provision of law that prohibits a parent or guardian from being required to present a certain certificate of immunization under certain circumstances to be admitted to school to apply only to public schools; […]

TEXT OF HB1171 – Labor and Employment – Maryland Employee Protection Plan for Vaccine Refusal: Prohibiting an employer from terminating an employee solely on the basis of the employee’s refusal to receive a vaccination against COVID-19; specifying that an employee waives the right to file a civil action against the […]

TEXT OF HB1045 – Labor and Employment – Elective Medical Procedures – Employee Protections: Prohibiting an employer from requiring an employee to undergo a certain medical procedure unless the procedure would have a substantial effect on the employee’s capacity or fitness to perform the job properly; and prohibiting an employer […]

TEXT OF HB923 – Labor and Employment – Worker Safety and Health – Injury and Illness Prevention Program: Requiring employers with 10 or more employees, or whose rate of work-related injury and illness exceeds the average incidence rate of all industries in the State to develop and implement a health […]

TEXT OF SB736 – Health Occupations – Pharmacists – Administration of Vaccinations: Authorizing a pharmacist to administer certain vaccinations to an individual who is at least 3 years old but under the age of 18 years; altering the age of an individual to whom a pharmacist may administer certain vaccinations; […]