TEXT OF SB857 – Hospital Flu Vaccines: Requiring hospitals to immunize patients against the influenza virus and pneumococcal disease except under certain circumstances; and providing for the manner of obtaining consent for and conducting the immunizations for a hospital patient. Read the full bill here Thanks to our members, this bill […]

TEXT OF SB839 – Maryland Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccine Passport: Requiring the Maryland Department of Health to ensure that the Maryland MyIR Mobile immunization record service meets certain design requirements for its voluntary use as a vaccine passport for displaying COVID-19 vaccination information on a mobile device; etc. Read the full bill […]

TEXT OF HB589 -Adult Protective Services – Vulnerable Adults Registry – Investigations and Records of Abuse and Neglect and Workgroup Study Establishing certain requirements and procedures relating to the reporting, disclosure, investigation, and appeal of civil allegations and findings of abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults; authorizing the Social Services Administration […]

TEXT OF HB1378 Hospitals, Related Institutions, and Hospice Facilities – COVID-19 and Other Catastrophic Health Emergencies – Visitation Prohibiting a hospital, related institution, or hospice facility from restricting the visitation of a patient’s family member or health care agent based on measures related to COVID-19 or any catastrophic health emergency; […]

TEXT OF HB1358 Health – Protection of Personal Medical Information Establishing that each individual within the State has a right to confidentiality and privacy concerning the individual’s personal medical information; prohibiting certain persons from adopting certain policies relating to an individual’s personal medical information or requiring the release or revelation […]

TEXT OF HB1376 Labor and Employment – COVID-19 Vaccinations – Exemption Process (No Jabs for Jobs) Requiring an employer to develop a process to allow an employee to obtain an exemption from a COVID-19 vaccination requirement; prohibiting an employer from terminating or forcing an employee to resign under certain circumstances; […]

TEXT OF HB799 State and Local Government – COVID-19 – Vaccination by Choice Act Prohibiting the State and the political subdivisions in the State from requiring an applicant for employment or an employee to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 as a condition for employment. Read the full bill here […]

TEXT OF HB1189 Public Health – Vaccines Administered Under Emergency Use Authorization – Reporting of Adverse Events Requiring a health care provider to report to the national Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System an adverse event occurring after the administration of a vaccine, including a COVID-19 vaccine or booster, administered under […]

TEXT OF HB901  -Unemployment Insurance – Disqualification Exceptions – COVID-19 Vaccination Providing that the voluntary resignation of an employee is a valid circumstance for voluntarily leaving work if the employee resigned due to the employer requiring that the employee, as a condition of continued employment, be vaccinated against COVID-19 and […]

TEXT OF HB832 – Education – Maryland Homeschool Advisory Council – Establishment Establishing the Maryland Homeschool Advisory Council in the State Department of Education to gather information on the needs of homeschool parents and homeschool umbrella schools and advise the State Superintendent of Schools, the State Board of Education, the General […]