Informed Choice Maryland Endorses Delegate Dan Cox for Governor of Maryland

We at Informed Choice Maryland are thrilled to endorse Delegate Dan Cox in his run for Maryland governor.

No Maryland elected official has done more to protect informed medical choice than Delegate Cox has during his single term representing District 4 in the Maryland state legislature. Last year on Monday, March 16th, as citizens across Maryland and around the world struggled to make sense of troubling reports describing hospital overflows and draconian lock-downs, Governor Hogan and the Maryland state legislature were poised to exploit that fear and confusion in unison, attempting to grossly overreach their proper governmental authority. Dan Cox stood up, and stood alone, to defend the rights of Maryland citizens. He gave an impassioned speech and walked off the legislative floor in protest of blatant legislative misconduct.  

Delegate Cox, a constitutional lawyer in practice for over a decade, was the only state legislator to carefully review House Bill 650 and identify ominous open-ended language that granted unlimited, ever-extended gubernatorial authority which would supersede the rule of law and trample individual rights. It was Dan’s swift and courageous action which inspired two other legislators to stand with him along with Informed Choice Maryland and others across the state in forcefully opposing HB650. Under the brave leadership of Delegates Cox, Parrott, and Hartman, HB650 was defeated. Dan demonstrated the composure, intelligence, foresight, and strength of character so desperately needed and unfortunately absent under our current gubernatorial leadership.

Dan has since led the effort to reopen our state and restore our constitutional rights, standing alone among his peers in endorsing sound, science-based policies. He introduced bills to end the unfounded and injurious extended state of emergency, block vaccine passports, and protect the rights and fundamental well-being of children. He defended a citizen wrongfully denied the right to vote and challenged Governor Hogan’s lock-down in court. And he was first in the state of Maryland to publicly oppose the University of Maryland’s unlawful attempt to mandate experimental and yet-unapproved Covid-19 vaccines for students and faculty.

Dan Cox has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to informed medical choice and personal and parental rights throughout his tenure as a state delegate, despite tremendous criticism in the press and among his colleagues in the legislature. Delegate Cox will continue to stand up for our rights, lives, and livelihoods, and the lives of our children, in the office of the Governor – and he needs our help to get there.

Please help us send Dan to the Governor’s House in Annapolis, where he will stand with the few courageous Governors across the country fighting hard to protect our rights and defend our freedom.

3 Thoughts on “Informed Choice Maryland Endorses Delegate Dan Cox for Governor of Maryland

  1. YESSSSS!!! Please bring conservative values back to Maryland!! I’ve lived here all my life and am ready to move my 6 children south, to the land of the not insane!

  2. covid is a biological weapon used by the chinese & the democrats to get Trump out of office & they didnt care who died or how many!
    I have no confidence it our corrupt, lying, theiving, traitorous govt! They should all be hung!
    We need a convention of states & take away the power of the feds & give it back to the states
    No more pensions, healtth care for life! They cqn have an 401k & pay in like everyone else.

  3. You will have my vote as a retired senior scientist and a registered Democrat–below is what I published regarding cancer and vaccine sciences and what is going on—this invited and peer reviewed article which scored as top 5% of other articles accessed soon after its publication was retracted without any legitimate reason and without my agreement——–would like to discuss this further–
    Deceptology in cancer and vaccine sciences: Seeds of immune destruction-mini electric shocks in mitochondria: Neuroplasticity-electrobiology of response profiles and increased induced diseases in four generations – A hypothesis
    [Article reflects my challenging efforts to promote our discoveries that were established at Univ Pa in 1980’s, and extended at NCI/NIH since 1998–
    Thank you,
    Professor Mahin Khatami, PhD
    Cellular/Molecular Biologist, Immunologist
    Inflammation, Aging and Cancer
    Academic Decision Editor, BJMMR
    Author and Editor, Inflammatory Diseases
    National Cancer Institute (retired)
    Past Director, Innovative Molecular Analysis Technology (IMAT) Program
    The National Institutes of Health
    Bethesda, MD 20817
    Tel: 301-469-0111

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