ACTION ALERT: PLEASE ASK LEGISLATORS TO OPPOSE HB836 Which Implements Potentially Harmful and Expensive Covid-19 Response Measures


Requiring, on or before April 1, 2021, the Maryland Department of Health, in collaboration with local health departments of the State, to adopt and implement a certain plan to respond to the outbreak of COVID-19; requiring, for calendar year 2021, institutions of higher education in the State to adopt and implement a certain COVID-19 testing plan; requiring certain insurers, nonprofit health service plans, and health maintenance organizations to provide coverage for certain COVID-19 tests and associated costs; etc.

why icm opposes THis bill

Who to contact about HB836

There will be a hearing for HB836 before the Health and Government Operations Committee on 2/23/21 at 1:30 PM.

URGENT: We’re asking all members to call and email Delegate Peña-Melnyk and the members of Health and Government Operations Committee and let her know, in your own words, why you oppose HB836.

Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk
Phone 410-841-3502 | 301-858-3502   Toll-free in MD 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3502
e-mail: joseline.pena.melñ[email protected]

If you’re a constituent of hers – in District 21 – let her know!


Please copy and paste the following email addresses of the Health and Government Operations Committee members into the BCC section of your email in opposition of HB836:


Please call the offices of the Health and Government Operations Committee members in opposition of HB836:

Bagnall, Heather 410-841-3406 | 301-858-3406
Barron, Erek L. 410-841-3692 | 301-858-3692
Bhandari, Harry 410-841-3526 | 301-858-3526
Carr, Alfred C., Jr. 410-841-3638 | 301-858-3638
Charles, Nick 410-841-3707 | 301-858-3707
Chisholm, Brian 410-841-3206 | 301-858-3206
Cullison, Bonnie 410-841-3883 | 301-858-3883
Hill, Terri L. 410-841-3378 | 301-858-3378
Johnson, Steve 410-841-3280 | 301-858-3280
Kelly, Ariana B. 410-841-3642 | 301-858-3642
Kerr, Ken 410-841-3240 | 301-858-3240
Kipke, Nicholaus 410-841-3421 | 301-858-3421
Krebs, Susan W. 410-841-3200 | 301-858-3200
Lewis, Robbyn 410-841-3772 | 301-858-3772
Morgan, Matthew 410-841-3170 | 301-858-3170
Peña-Melnyk, Joseline 410-841-3502 | 301-858-3502
Pendergrass, Shane E. 410-841-3139 | 301-858-3139
Reilly, Teresa E. 410-841-3278 | 301-858-3278
Rosenberg, Samuel I. 410-841-3297 | 301-858-3297
Saab, Sid 410-841-3551 | 301-858-3551
Sample-Hughes, Sheree 410-841-3427 | 301-858-3427
Szeliga, Kathy 410-841-3698 | 301-858-3698
Young, Karen Lewis 410-841-3436 | 301-858-3436 

Please note: Rules for submitting written and oral testimony have changed this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, and can be viewed here. We’re asking members for phone calls, emails, and written testimony only at this time.

Please spread the word! Let’s flood Delegate Peña-Melnyk’s office and the HGO members with polite, respectful, forceful emails and phone calls. They need to hear our voices!


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