ACTION ALERT: Please Ask Montgomery County Councilmembers to OPPOSE a Proposed Board of Health Regulation Instituting Vaccine Passports in Montgomery County

This Board of Health Regulation would:
(1) require restaurants, bars, fitness centers, an other non-essential “covered establishments and facilities” — in a phased-in approach — to require patrons to provide proof of vaccination against Covid-19 before entering indoor areas;
(2) exempt certain establishments and facilities from the requirement, including establishments and facilities providing essential government services and social services; and
(3) exempt certain individuals from the requirement, including: (a) individuals who enter the facility for a quick and limited purpose; and (b) individuals entitled to medical or religious accommodations.
Under the regulation, individuals age 12 and older would be required to provide proof of 1 dose of a Covid-19 vaccine effective January 22, and proof of full vaccination (excluding boosters) effective February 15. Individuals age 5 and older would be required to provide proof of full vaccination (excluding boosters) effective March 1.

WHY ICM OPPOSES this board of health regulation

  • There is no scientific or rational basis to require vaccination for these venues when Covid-19 vaccines do not prevent transmission or infection with SARS CoV-2


  • There is increasing scientific evidence that prior infection and recovery from Covid-19 confers robust, lasting protection against both infection and disease which is more effective than vaccine protection against disease

WHO TO CONTACT ABOUT this regulation

There is a public hearing and work session tentatively scheduled for this Board of Health Regulation on 1/18/21. Time TBD.

URGENT: We’re asking all members to call and email the lead sponsor of this regulation, as well as Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich who requested this measure, and all sitting members of the Montgomery County Council. Please let them know, in your own words, why you oppose the Board of Health Regulation to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 in the County — Vaccination Requirements to Enter Bars, Restaurants, Fitness Centers, and Other Covered Establishments.

Bill Lead Sponsor:

Phone 240-777-7959

Montgomery County Executive:

Phone 240-777-0311 
e-mail via this form
Please copy and paste the following email addresses of the Montgomery County Councilmembers into the BCC section of your email in opposition of this Board of Health Regulation: , , , , , , ,  
Please call the offices of the Montgomery County Councilmembers in opposition of this Board of Health Regulation:
Friedson, Andrew 240-777-7828
Glass, Evan 240-777-7966
Hucker, Tom 240-777-7960
Jawando, Will 240-777-7811
Katz, Sidney 240-777-7906
Navarro, Nancy 240-777-7968
Rice, Craig 240-777-7955
Riemer, Hans 240-777-7964

If you’re a resident, employee or parent in Montgomery County – let them know!

Please spread the word! Let’s flood the offices of Councilmembers with polite, respectful, forceful emails and phone calls. They need to hear our voices!

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